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Chapter 2


Twenty years.


Twenty years of shallow lies. His every intention felt selfish and cold. His lies like thin ice, waiting from that wrong step before it all cracked right before her. The moral of his reasoning seeming lost, trashed and casted aside by everything he was doing. Why was he doing this? How can you even look at her? The guilt like a virus driving through his every vein. It didn’t help he didn’t care much for himself at this point. His life was pointless to himself. The pain was a punishment. It was a reminder he was so undeserving.


Oh how he begged for death.


The memories paraded across his subconscious. Body like ice, he stood in place lost in a cloud of horror. His mine filled with bitter memories that shattered what sanity he had. Sorrow twitched across his every nerve. He carried the blood of a demon… A man who would face death at any given moment.


“How could I even think to do that?” Shadow asked, obviously distroit by the question brought to his attention by the demon of his creation. The third eye piercing daggers into his chest with a cold stare, Doom bellowed, staring down at the other.


The man of death. The creator and father of the black arms stood before Shadow. Blood like venom, he was manipulative. Doing all he desired to obtain his wants and needs. Voice snaked from his lips, it was impossible to look away as he spoke. His voice echoed out, the visual disgust smeared across the striped hedgehogs face. “Shadow. The day of reckoning is almost upon us. You are to bring me all 7 emeralds as promised, so the destiny shall be filled.”


Crimson hues narrow at the monster before him. “I remember no promise. How do you even know me? What are you even talking about?” Almost leaning forward his words felt rushed, forced from his lips.


“You are Gerald Robotnik’s creation made of my blood. A living weapon meant to destroy. To eradicate those beneath you. Bring me the emeralds Shadow, and I will open your eyes to everything piece of your missing puzzle.” And with that he was gone, like a hologram carried out by his arms, burst of nothing exploding around burying the area in a thick wall of smoke. Shadow was left dumb founded. His own thoughts jumbled. The name rang no bell, just that image… He was perplexed but his curiosity reached new peaks before he found himself racing off in a city shrouded in darkness. The aura of chaotic energy lingered in the air; a chaos emerald was close. Deep in his own thoughts his attachment to reality was lost. Jotting into the rubble of the city, he was thrown from his thoughts by a hardy voice that forced him to peak over, noting the overly ecstatic blue male before him.


Well this was just lovely wasn’t it.

A Light in the Darkness Chapter 2
ello all! This is the first fanfiction I have written in forever, so I apologize in advance for the bad writing. This is a fanfiction that is written about a slightly different interpretation of the Black Arms take over, from the games. This story is fan made and I do hope you enjoy it ^^ Please comment and favorite. let me know how you enjoy it. Thank you~ ^^

Sonic and Co (C) SEGA

Aurora (C) :icone-vay:


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I just want to change my username without having to make a new account for everything ><


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I'm a colorful person waiting for something epic to happen.
i've beaten every single sonic came that has ever come out (well mostly) I am said to have an over active imagination so i kindaa create my own sonic stories(:
I lovee all sega. I play sonic games even if they are the worst games ever.
My favorite Sonic form or forms is Dark Sonic and Fleetway Super Sonic(:
Add Me If You Are A Sonic Fan or Sonic Nerd As Well(:
-Sonic The Hedgehog's number 1 Fan(:
I do not own Sonic or any of the comics, characters, games, or films, or pictures. i do not own sonic the hedgehog (although i wish i did

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I write my own sonic movie i guess you could say. haha im not all that good with computers. I hope one day i can sell them to Sega and have them actually made into great graphic pieces of art.


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I'm a Sonic Nut and i love writing stories.Here are my story boards so far:
Metal Mulisha (Sonic vs. New and Improved Metal)
Sonic vs. Sonic a Battle till the death (fights his new dark side)
:bullwtblack: The Dark Lord (Sonic becomes King of the Underworld)
Dark Sage (Sonic becomes a dark King known as Mevius because he is the great great great great great Grandson of a former good king who fought war against Mevius)-Dark Sage is the name of Mevius' final form-
Eggman's Sonic (During the great war against the iron king and queen sonic gets captured by Nicole. During the final battle the Queen goes to make Sonic a pond but Sonic runs into the jail area. Eggman gets him with a needle which injects antibodies and some of the godly powers from Dark Gaia. he becomes Eggmans pawn)

New my Written Sonic Forms
-Sapphire Sonic:-This is a form when sonic uses the asteroid board that has a great amount of power called Sapphire. This power although you remain to the heart you grow power hungry on it.
-Nightmare Sonic:-A sonic form created by the devil. During an attack by metal in one of the stories he is killed and brought back with no soul. he gos on a killing spree and conquers all of New Mobotropolis without breaking a sweat.
-MoonLight Sonic:-This is a form that was given to sonic for doing a misdeed. He gets red eyes and falls under a dark mad crazy phase. He is to be locked up till the full moon is gone
-Mevius/Dark Sage Sonic:-When sonic is tooken over by the long lost soul of King Mevius. Dark Sage is his final form.
-Ultimate Sonic:-This is sonic when brought back to life by his guardian Moon Whisper. He gets gold eyes and the powers of a thousand gods!!!

As you can tell...Im a Sonic Nut(:

Current Story Boards:

Fleetway Super Sonic:

A story of a dark demon in a golden hero forever killing the living soul in which he has conquered. Freedom fighters tears slowly falling as they watch the hateful sight of someone they love dying in a villians content. Our story circles the heart break creation as Sonic the Hedgehog, alive and still, slowly sees as he dies while under a demon's control. Fleetway is slowly eating Sonic away and his friends are afraid that maybe they finally lost this battle. A Great question over whelms us as we wonder what is to happen to our soul lost hero and we question if they can survive this fight.

A demon stored within the Master Emerald is about to make a special apperance. Fleetway is about to become part of our world, but not in a good way what so ever. Fleetway has one way of becoming his own suck the life out of one creature by having them entake the magic power of the Black Emerald, also called The Emerald of Dark Magic. Dr. Finitivus reads about the history of Mobius and the demon, Fleetway, who took full control of Mobius back before our heroes today were born. He learns of a way to resurrect that evil and plans on taking over Mobius. To do so he would need help from another evil...Dr. Eggman. He goes to Eggman with the Black Emeralds and asks for him to lure a Freedom Fighter to harnass its energy. Eggman thinks to himself and declares he will lead Sonic in. Sonic follows through not knowing the dasterly plan behind it. He uses the emerald to break a barrier which he is trapped in and it cause a negative reaction with his body cause physical and emotional pain. After he is thrown out of Eggman's placehe feels a desire to go to the Master Emerald. Once he arrives one single touch can become a negative problem. He touches it a becomes Fleetway Super Sonic. An unbearable pain as Sonic dies slowly from within. Tune in to this story and discover the pain induring journey and find out what happens to our legendary hero...

Metal Mulisha:

The two sister planets of Earth and Mobius are both protected by a hero named Sonic the Hedgehog, but is this threat Sonic's about to fight to strong to fight? While on breaking from Freedom Fighting on Earth he decides to slow it down and relax. While on a fun run he stops to notice and abandon shack and can't contain the curiosity pulling him towards it. He enters the shack to see and incubation chamber filtering a great evil far superior then what he had ever faced, but he didn't know. He slowing crept to it and read the name place sheltered around rust to soon discover the name under the cryptic dust to say Hyper Metal Sonic Prototype 1 Entity 2. Panic is put in place as a beam contains him and his many foes circle him with ferocious eyes. The many of Erazor Djinn, King Arthur, Eggman, Black Doom, Mephilies, and the water god Chaos come around to shower in the glory of Sonic's capture. They also show the viles containing gathered energy from the gods Iblis and Dark Gaia. Together combined with the 7 chaos emeralds, the 7 world rings, Sonic's blood, and life data...they create a godly evil who goes by Metal. Hispower rises over all and his dasterly plan is to much for our bumbling villians. Join in and discover the danger lurking story of Metal and Sonic's great fight.

A Deminted Angel:

Sonic is banned from New Mobotropolis and is forced to endure the suffering pain that his him being alone. However, his dying corpse is found by two girls whose evil capabilities exceed over others. They take Sonic in a create a violent creature as he is turned into a Deminted Angel or a Demon with his memories. His memories however are locked within his mind only to be brought back by a specail ritual. Has Sonic lost his mind or is this "payback" the right thing? Especially when it the malevolent murders?

The Dark Lord:

Sonic the Hedgehog is murdered and is sent to hell. The Lord of hell (satan) tells Sonic he is to live out what he had dreamed impossible. Inheriting his power Sonic becomes a demon king and leads his demon forces toward Mobius for full dominant conquest. The blood red glare causing pain from the inside out is the great strength and power of the Demon King. Sonic plays as the puppet of The Dark Legends (Devil) Daughter Janessa. A sexy demon of fire whose ventriloquist act uses Sonic as her "lover" to win over Mobius.

The Dark Sage:

A time comes when Sonic and Friends discover the history of the combined planets of Mobius and Earth as they discover a hidden cave leading to their doom. Sonic is said to be the reincarnation of a past King called the Gold King (King of the free people.) and that the lost soul of the Dark King had planned for centuries for a gold hearted herone. Sonic is his one. The Spirit of the Dark King awakens himself in the body of our greatest hero. He returns as King Mevius and hopes to reach his final stage as Dark Sage with the influenced consorts of Lord Bacurus (Commander in Chief) and his persuading Immortal Army. Is this the end of Sonic? Of Mobius...


Sonic fights his darker half as he begins to lose control of his emotions. His anger begins to rise and he grows on a bases level of hate and darkness. His love for his friends begins to vanish and he begins to crave power and hostility. He demands Elias' crown and the power along with it and teams up with the wrong crowd such as Scourge. He powers up and takes down all of Mobius, but sadly his true form is trapped inside a very special item called the breaking mirror. This mirror traps any living creature from the outside world and in less then 3 days he will become perminantly trapped. Can he get out and save his friends from his other half?

Secrets of the Millenium:

Follow into the story of Secrets of the Millenium. This story is about the marvelous high tech society style planet of Metaoras (Meh-Ta-Or-As). Home to the King and his family. Their society runs off the past of their former kings and over lords. King Xaivier rules this indulgent society with the help of his adored wife Queen Harmony. Sonic Hedgehog plays as eldest child in a fight for his planet's freedom from the OverLord Zagan and his killer son Lucifer. Sonic travels the world for help, but fears the worst is to come to his beautiful home of Metaoras. (This is nothing based from comics or games. This story consists of some familiar faces, but this planet is created by my own creation and most of the characters as well.)

Burning Memories:

This is where reality turns to horror and this time our hero Sonic has no place left to go. The fear is finally over coming him and he has met his match. Come into the twisted tale as Sonic the Hedgehog faces a great parole as he risks his life to save Mobius and it's sister world Earth from a threat unbeaten before. He follows back to his old tale as Metal returns from the mercy depths of hell, in which he has rotted two years, but this time he has an insured plan for darkness. Metal has discovered a Historic Legend about a young women who was known "The Dark Prophet." She was said to hold dark power throughout the years ruled by King Detor in the Earlier Years when Mobius and Earth were combined as one and was called Planet Ordith. Her powers were gained through the 7 Deathly Emeralds. They were said to contain a dark entity that was said to one day return when the Prophets reincarnation returned to one of the, now divided, sister planets. A search for years was led towards a young girl able to sustain that dark magic from within the Emeralds, and be able to find the Secret Diary and Burning Emblem, which will bring back the darkness of The Prophet and she is the one that Metal is hunting down. This innocent girl coward in fear of the darkness. Jaylen Richard is the Reincarnation of Sandavalt Ryhs, The Dark Prophet, and is now the responsibility of our oh so loved hero Sonic the Hedgehog.

From Past to Future:

Another Metal Story. After Sonic first defeat Metal he headed to the future to destroy Sonic. Thirty years into the future metal complete destroyed Capital City and our older freedom fighters. Sonic's eldest Daughter at age of five Sonia was born known as the Mobian Legend, a child full of greater power then ever seen. After her parents and her friends parents were murdered, after he home and the city she loves burned to the ground, she grabbed some of the many items that had helped her father and headed to save her father in the past. She traveles with the Future Freedom Fighters to avenged her fallen people and this time our hero Sonic is going to need help. Sonia Acorn weilds the power of a thousand gods and uses it to end metal and protect her fathers death in the past so she may go home to her father in the future and be known as the Legend of Mobius, the Mobian Legend.

Current Story ; Fleetway Super Sonic

The Series

Book I: Sonic spends his lifetime fighting for Mobius' Freedom, but he comes to the conclusion that Dr. Eggman is giving up and quiting. Believing it a scheme, which it secretly is, Eggman breaks to the hard words of Sonic being unbeatable. He declares his surrender and takes his leave. Sonic stares at what was his base and city which is now an empty void ripping inside his heart due to the one simple fact...He has fought Eggman all his life. Although, Eggman admittingly surrendered it was all wrapping into an evil plot designed for a power hungry demon to break its chains and walk the earth once more. Sonic gets played into following a Black emerald that holds a dark potential. Sonic is crupted with the dark magic that deepens within his heart and rips and tears away at his golden ways. Pulled towards the Master Emerald, Mobius' greatest threat begins to become reality by an intersellar demon by the name of Fleetway.


Chapter I: Fight for Freedom

Chapter II: Giving In

Chapter III: Living a not-so-fun life

Chapter IV: Beginning of Project Darkness

Chapter V: Arise Demon Fleetway

Book II: Sonic is taken over by the Demon Fleetway and his fellow Freedom Fighters try to find a loop hole to win him back control. Sadly, they fail and Sonic weakens and Fleetway strengthens. The role of Fleetway is to play an unbeatable demon and his plan is crupt and disfigured. He gathers every emerald within his grasp and gains power beyond belief. He loses his touch with Dr. Finitivus and takes matters into his own hands. He plots long and hard and begins to completely dismantle Mobius from it's core. Sonic fights for his life, but slowly weakens himself without knowing.


Chapter I: Proper Introductions

Chapter II: Freedom Fighter Redemption

Chapter III: Plotting Against the Odds

Chapter IV: Power Summoning

Chapter V: Losing Side

Chapter VI: Double Crosser

Chapter VII: Beginning to an End

Book III: The final in the epic conclusion as Fleetway finally begins his plan. His plan is to recombine the sister planets to cause a extinction of humans and Mobians. For his plan to become true he must destroy the sun which will take time to gather enough energy for one powerful strike. Luckily, he doesn't get that chance. Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix jump into action to more likely free Sonic from Fleetway's grip. He grins eagerly and free's the dying Sonic. Without a second to stand he tumbles to the floor with quick and hard breaths. Sonic lays near to death on the floor; his body drain and used as a carrier till Fleetway became strong enough to be his own being. Will Fleetway succeed while the heroes tend to Sonic? Or will something stronger then him topple everything and bring peace...find out!


Chapter I: Plans are becoming reality

Chapter II: Eat me

Chapter III: A winning streak

Chapter IV: An Emerald Absorbtion

Chapter V: Tending a dying hero

Chapter VI: I love you...

Chapter VII: The Big Battle

Chapter VIII: Freedom, Love, and You

Chapter IX: Unable to say goodbye

Chapter X:An Angels Gift

YAY! So Many Stories


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Personal Quote: "I'm isane, You're insane, We are insane, Together we are insane, Apart we are nothing."

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